2021 Summer Semester

Previous Teaching Courses

@Yangming Campus, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Biophysics and Chemistry II, Medical Biophysics

Biophysics and Chemistry II (2 Credits)
Graduates and advaced undergraduates

- Electrolytes
- Biomechanics: Muscle Contraction
- Protein Mechanics
- Diffusion, Permeation, Flow
- Intermolecular Interactions
- Chemical Equilibria
- Adsorption, Binding, Catalysis
- Computational Methods

Medical Biophysics (2 Credits)
Graduates and advanced undergraduates

Molecular Structures
- Chemical Bonds
- Concepts from Physics
- Receptors and Their Interaction with Drugs
- The Human Eye: Lenses and Refraction
- Protein Folding: Prions and Viruses
- Radiation: Damage and Cure
- Bodyfluids
- Rapid Mixing and Sampling, SDS Gel Electrophoresis
- Optical Spectroscopy, Fluorescence
- Light/EM Microscopy, X-ray Diffraction, NMR Spectroscopy