Progress by Prediction

  • We apply latest software technology to investigate biological systems.
  • The goal is to support your investigations in drug discovery and materials sciences.
  • We offer docking tools for analysis of small-molecule - target interactions and combine technologies for the analysis of larger systems.
  • Proprietary software allows us to build tailor-made liposomes.
  • Our molecular simulation platforms are built to meet your special needs of fast and reliable in silico data acquisition and analysis.

  • Visit also our group website for more information of what we are doing.


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"BioSolveIT - webinars"

10. July 2019

Invited Speaker Wolfgang Fischer
Docking in the unknown

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Supproted by MOST GLORIA

1. June 2019, Taipei, TW

Invited Speaker Wolfgang Fischer
Technical publication of "ArcVes"




Build your own liposome (free download)
March 2019

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"2018 BioTaiwan"

18.-22. July 2018, Taipei, TW (more)

booth number N414NYMU

"12th International Conference on Structural and Molecular Biology"

14.-15.05.2018, Osaka, JP

Invited Speaker Wolfgang Fischer
Structural modeling of membrane proteins from viruses.(more)

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"Interaction of antivirals with a heptameric bundle model of the p7 protein of hepatitis C virus."


Dahl, Kalita, Fischer; Chem. Biol. Drug Des. (2018) 91,

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"20th International Conference on Pharmaceutical Biotechnology"

07.-09.12.2017, Madrid, ES

Invited Speaker Wolfgang Fischer
Targeting viral membrane proteins in silico.(more)

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"Specification of binding modes between a transmembrane peptide mimic of ATP6V0C and polytopic E5 of human papillomavirus-16."


Mahato, Fischer; J.Biomol.Struct.Dyn.(2017) 1-10

"Weak selectivity predicted for modeled bundles of viral channel-forming protein E5 of human papillomavirus-16."


Mahato, Fischer; J.Phys.Chem. B, (2016) 120,

"Membrane protein assembly: two cytoplasmic phosphorylated serine sites of Vpu from HIV-1 affect oligomerization."


Chen, Lin, Chan, Chen, Ma, Fischer; Sci. Rep.(2016) 6, 28866

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"The 21st Biophysics Conference of the Biophysical Society Taiwan"

19.-21.05.2016 National Tsing-Hua University, Hsinchu, TW

Poster by Dhani Ram Mahato
Ion channel properties of the E5 protein of human papillomavirus - a molecular dynamics simulation study.(more)

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HOT article collection of Molecular Biosystems

"Patch formation of a viral channel forming protein within a lipid membrane - Vpu of HIV-1."


Lin, Chen, Fischer; Mol. Biosyst (2016) 12, 1118 - 1127.




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"EMN Meeting on Bioinspired Materials"
Workshop Nanopharmaceuticals

14.-18.03.2016 Kaohsiung, TW

Invited Speaker Wolfgang Fischer
Oligomerization of viral channel proteins along a bio-inspired pathway. (more)

Thanks for Lokesh Dhakar who shared the source code.