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Welcome to

Functional Nanomaterials laboratory

Our key research activities are built upon advanced functionality nanomaterials for multidisciplinary integration.

1. Synthesis of functional nanomaterials (thin films, nanotips, nanowires, nanotubes, nanoparticles, graphene) by CVD, PVD, and wet chemistry.​

2. Application of nanomaterials in molecular (food toxins) and bio-sensing through Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS):

  •  Biomolecules
  • Low concentration organic or inorganic molecules

3. Nanotheranostic and Biomedical Applications of nanomaterials:

  • Bioimaging
  • Nano-enable drug delivery system
  • Photothermal therapy/Photodynamic therapy

4. Nanoscale optoelectronics and nano-bio integration:

  • Luminescence
  • Conductivity
  • Crystalline morphology and structure
  • Functionalization for bio-recognition
  • Light-matter interaction
  • Biomimetics

5. Devices:

  • Solar Cells: Organic, inorganic.
  • Photodetectors

Information for International



Research interests:
- Sensor
- Optoelectronics

PhD Students

Akash Gupta PhD Candidate

Research interests:
- Upconversion nanoparticles
- Plasmonic photodetectors
- Optical limiting

Sandip Ghosh PhD Candidate

Research interests:
- Upconversion nanoparticles
- FRET based Biosensor

Najim Akhtar PhD Candidate

Research interests:
- Nanomedicine
- Nanobiosensor

Digvijay S. Tomar PhD Student

Research interests:
- 2D Nano Materials
- Flexible photodetector
- Optical limiting materials

Varun Sridhar PhD Student

Research interests:
- Photoconductive devices
- Nonlinear optical limiting

Master Students


Mohammed Bouras

Research interests:
- Upconversion nanoparticles
- Micrplasma based syntheses

Li Chi Jhan

Research interests:
-Gold nanorods
- Photodetector



黃悅山 (Simon)

Research interests:
- Synthesis and
Applications of AuNPs


Institute of Biophotonics,

National Yang-Ming University

No.155, Sec.2, Linong Street, Taipei, 112
Taiwan (ROC)



Tel :

  • +886 2 2826 7909 (office)
  • +886 2 2826 7000 ext. 5737/5738(Lab)

Fax :

  • +886 2 2823 5460