The College of Pharmaceutical Sciences of two committees, "Teacher Accreditation Committee", "Curriculum Committee", three teaching and research institutes "Institute of Biopharmaceutical Sciences ", "Faculty of Pharmacy", "Institute of Food Safety and Health Risk Assessment", tow mission-type "Pharmaceutical Administration Center, PAC" and "Biotechnology and New Drug Research Center, BNDRC".

Institute of Biopharmaceutical Sciences Established in 1994 .
Direction of Development

  1. Aims to foster excellence in biotechnology and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.
  2. Students with training and learning opportunities in the skills and knowledge needed to equip them for a career in pharmaceutical and biotech industry .
  3. The goal is to help students achieve an internationally recognized qualification that is highly relevant to the pharmaceutical industry.
  4. Our research is aiming to develop novel biologically active molecules for targets in therapeutic areas of unmet medical need.
  5. We actively conduct basic and applied research on the causes and treatments of cancers, immune disorders, and age-related diseases.

Institute of Food Safety and Health Risk Assessment Established in 2017 .
Direction of Development

  1. Cultivate research talents for food safety and hazardous substance health risk assessment.
  2. Cultivate talents of cross-disciplinary management and communication for food safety and health risks.
  3. Cultivate talents of regulatory science and policy for food safety and management.
  4. Cultivate research talents in food safety and food nutrition epidemiology.
  5. Cultivate research talents for studying the interaction between food and Chinese and Western medicine.

Faculty of Pharmacy Established in 2016 .

  1. To meet the increasing demands for top-notched pharmacy professionals in Clinical pharmacy/Pharmaceutical research/ Industrial pharmacy/Regulatory pharmacy/ International pharmacy.
  2. To individualize our students with their special talents, equip them with pharmacy expertise as well as abilities of life-long learning and connection to the world.

The Pharmaceutical Administration Center (PAC), which is mainly engaged in the promotion of medicine and law, currently has a "Social and Management Pharmacology Unit" and the implementation of the "Drug Administration and Law Concordance and Education Project".

The main function of Biotechnology and New Drug Research Center (BNDRC) is to bridge the gap between industry and academia, including the first meeting of "Meet the Industry" held at Fisun Sun University's Fisun Cafe on March 1, While "Meet the Industry" is a continuing activity. In addition, "Drug Delivery and Pharmacy Classes" and "Biotech New Drug Industry Promotion Group".

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