About Us

College of Pharmaceutical Sciences was established in 2002. Our aims is to integrate modern medical science and related fields, prepare students to go with the trend of the world's pharmaceutical science education, and become creatively new medical technology professionals.

The SPS has three teaching units
1.The Institute of Biopharmaceutical was established in 1994
2.NYMU School of Pharmacy was approved by Ministry was established in 2016.
3.Institute of Food Safety and Health Risk Assessment was established in 2017.

The SPS has tow research units
1.Pharmaceutical Administration Center, PAC.
2.Biotechnology and New Drug Research Center, BNDRC.

Degree Program
1.Top Pharmaceutical Science Program - Training Program for Interdisciplinary Talents of Biomedicine and New Agriculture,during 2018/07/02~2018/08/31
2.Pharmaceutical Science Promotion Education Division - Training Program for Interdisciplinary Talents of Biomedicine and New Agriculture,during 2018/07/02~2018/08/31
3.Drug (and Health Food) Development Program - Planning
4.Food Analysis Program - Planning
5.Health Product Regulations and Management Program - planning

Global Cooperation
1.Intercollegiate cooperation
2.International student program
3.Southbound Policy - planning

College Philosophy

In terms of employment and with the pulse of society , we have been in cooperative education relationship with Veterans General Hospital Systems( Taipei , Taichung and Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital ) for many years ,and also planned to cooperate with National Yang-Ming University Hospital, Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center, Far Eastern Memorial hospital, and Taipei City Hospital. Through these pharmacists groups, support student with complete hospital Pharmacy internships and clinical pharmacy practice .
Also, We have established industry practice relationship with many industry and Foundation institutions, such as TTY Biopharm Company Limited, Excelsior Biopharma Inc., Roche , Rosetta Pharmamate, Sheng Chang Pharmaceutical Campany, Eusol Biotech Company Limited, China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Company Limited, Sinphar Group, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Food and Drug Administration, Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Center, Center for Drug Evaluation, and Taiwan Drug Relief Foundation, to enable our students to understand the actual operation of industry and vision.
In addition, we have 67 exchange agreements with universities around the world that the students can apply for exchange students, take course and educational practice, to connect with international pharmacy education. In the future, we will implement for pharmacy education, offering the student with demanding for knowledge and applying for professional licenses, bridging the gap between students’ knowledge and the required real-life skills. To foster the students as pharmaceutical professionals, we will continue to establish and expand for pharmacy education.