English Rendezvous英語會友
Fall Semester 2003,  92年上學期
 Yang Ming University On-Campus English Promoting Activity

Facilitator 主導:  Eric Jao 趙士輝, Ph.D. (MIT, 1990) (Eric held the Yang Ming U. English activities英語狂想營, 英語會友, 2002-2003)

Location地點: 通識中心會議室 (220)

Commit yourself to these hours. The reward is long-term.

Rendezvous hours約會時間: 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. ; 晚上6點半至9

Rendezvous dates有約會的日子: Starting 9/29/2003 (Mon).  Please also see website for updated news http://www.ym.edu.tw/~freda/English-Fun/newsletter/Index-newsletter.htm

Sign-up報名: if you never came to 英語會友, 請即刻 email to: sh_jao@yahoo.com.tw,
the following information:
中文姓名(must)                           (example : 李一心)
English Name(must)                     (example : Loren)
Email電子郵件地址(must)         (example : s19999999@ym.edu.tw)
單位、                                              (example : Life Science, Junior生科系三年級)
                                      (example : 282670000 ext.5224 ; 0910-555-555)
                          (example : Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fr, 週一、二、三、四、五)

  First come first serve, 趕快報名吧。

Activity 做什麼活動呢?

“Free Chat” rendezvous in 100% English: any subject in science, current events, or life, supported, if needed, with audio/visual programs aids)

Structured program:
(I)         Listening 聽一則短文 有字幕可跟 (短文範例見
(II)       One-on-one topical chats, a time for imagination! 一對一分組英語對談 發揮您的想像力
(III)     Your chance of talking to the whole group of what you heard.
(IV)    Optional short clips of English motion pictures 短篇影劇欣賞
(V)      A brief self-evaluation on your listening skill 仿全民英檢, 自我做個現場聽力驗收 

********  Extra!  號外! Extra!  號外! Extra!  號外! Extra!  號外!   ********

English Speaking Improvement Check Point:


幾週來的密集口說英語訓練,進步多少呢?』『Am I still speaking broken English?』

讓『英語口說能力檢驗站』在十分鐘內幫您作個各別評量,名額有限First come first serve,報名及準備工作細節, 請見  http://www.ym.edu.tw/~freda/English-Fun/ESICP/ESICP_Ad.htm