Information of Faculty (English)

Name: Shu-ling Fu

Tel: (02)2826-7177

Fax: (02)2822-5044

Current position: Professor & Director


Ph.D., Dept. of Biochemistry and Cellular Biology, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Professional Position/Experience:

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dept. of Molecular & Experimental Medicine, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, U.S.A

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Tzu-Chi University

Honor and Awards:

Yang-Ming University Academic Excellence Award


Cancer biology, Molecular pharmacology of anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory natural products

Research Projects:

  1. Pharmacologic and mechanistic study of anti-cancer natural products
  2. Identification and mechanistic study of novel anti-inflammatory natural products
  3. Development of novel anti-aging nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals

Journal reviewer:

Biochemical Pharmacology

Journal of Agricultural and Food chemistry

Frontiers in Pharmacology


Molecular mechanisms of anti-cancer natural products, Experimental methods in traditional medicine

Research project (past five years)

1.    The anticancer mechanism and application of andrographolide as well as its derivatives via targeting oncogenic p53 missense mutation proteins (Ministry of Science and Technology, MOST 106-2320-B-010-006-MY3, PI)

2.    Exploring the anti-cancer mechanism and application of Hsp90 inhibition induced by andrographolide and its derivatives ((Ministry of Science and Technology, MOST 103-2320-B-010-007-MY3, PI)

3.    Research and development of anti-inflammatory herbs (Ministry of Science and Technology, MOST 106-2320-B-077-002-MY3, co-PI)

4.    Investigating the promoting mechanism of hnRNPK protein methylation in cancer malignancy (Ministry of Science and Technology, MOST 106-2311-B-010-004-MY3, co-PI)

Publications (2011~):

1.Yun-Chen Tsai, Sin-Ling Wang, Mei-Yao Wu, Chia-Huei Liao, Chao-Hsiung Lin, Jih-Jung Chen* and Shu-Ling Fu* (2018)Pilloin, a flavonoid isolated from Aquilaria sinensis, exhibits anti-inflammatory activity in vitro and in vivo” Molecules, 23: 3177 (corresponding author).

2.Chih-Chia Yu, Chien-An Chen, Shu-Ling Fu, Hon-Yi Lin, Moon-Sing Lee, Wen-Yen Chiou, Yu-Chieh Su, Shih-Kai Hung (2018) “Andrographolide enhances the anti-metastatic effect of radiation in Ras-transformed cells via suppression of ERK-mediated MMP-2 activity” PLOS one, 13: e0205666.

3. Lin-Yang Cheng, Yun-Chen Tsai, Shu-Ling Fu, Ming-Jen Cheng, Ping-Jyun Sung, Mei-Ing Chung and Jih-Jung Chen (2018)  “Acylphloroglucinol Derivatives from Garcinia multiflora with Anti-Inflammatory Effect in LPS-Induced RAW264.7 Macrophages ” Molecules, 23: 2587.

4. Sin-Ling Wang , Yun-Chen Tsai , Shu-Ling Fu, Ming-Jen Cheng, Mei-Ing Chung and Jih-Jung Chen (2018) “2-(2-Phenylethyl)-4H-chromen-4-one Derivatives from the Resinous Wood of Aquilaria sinensis with Anti-Inflammatory Effects in LPS-Induced Macrophages” Molecules, 23: 289.

5. Chien-Tung Wu, MD, Yueh-Ting Tsai, Jaung-Geng Lin, Shu-ling Fu, Jung-Nien Lai* (2018) “Chinese herbal products and the reduction of risk of breast cancer among females with type 2 diabetes in Taiwan “ Medicine, 97:e11600.

6. Yun-Chen Tsai, Shih-Han Chen, Lie-Chwen Lin*, and Shu-Ling Fu*(2017) “Anti-inflammatory principles from Sarcandra glabra” Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 65: 6497 (corresponding author).

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8. Ya-Hsin Hsu, Yu-Ling Hsu, Sheng-Hung Liu, Hsin-Chia Liao, Po-Xuan Lee, Chao-Hsiung Lin, Lee-Chiang Lo, and Shu-Ling Fu* (2016) “Development of a bifunctional andrographolide-based chemical probe for pharmacological study” PLOS one, 11: e0152770 (corresponding author).

9. Shu-Ling Fu, Chun-Cheng Lin, Ming-Ling Hsu, Yu-Jen Chen* (2016) ” CCL-34, a synthetic Toll-like receptor 4 activator, modulates differentiation and maturation of myeloid dendritic cells” Oncotarget, 7:11677

10.Yu-Ling Hsu, Chun-Chieh Yang, Tzyy-Chao Chou, Chih-Hsuan Tai, Long-Yuan Chen, Shu-Ling Fu, Jing-Jer Lin, Lee-Chiang Lo* (2016) “Design, synthesis, and evaluation of cell permeable probes for protein kinases” Tetrahedron, 72: 58-68.

11.Ya-Wei Liu, Yung-Tsung Chiu, Shu-Ling Fu, Yi-Tsau Huang* (2015) ” Osthole ameliorates hepatic fibrosis and inhibits hepatic stellate cell activation” Journal of Biomedical Science, 22:63.

12.Tsai-Feng Li, Ching-Cheng Lin, Hui-ping Tsai, Chung-Hua Hsu*, Shu-Ling Fu* (2014) “Effects of Kuan-Sin-Yin decoction on immunomodulation and tumorigenesis in mouse tumor models” BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 14:488 (corresponding author).

13. Yu-Chieh Su, Chih-Chia Yu, Fei-Ting Hsu, Shu-Ling Fu, Jeng-Jong Hwang, Ling-Chien Hung, Moon-Sing Lee, Wen-Yen Chiou, Hon-Yi Lin, Shih-Kai Hung (2014) “Everolimus sensitizes Ras-transformed cells to radiation in vitro through the autophagy pathway” International Journal of Molecular Medicine, 34: 1417-1422.

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15. Jen-Hao YangYi-Ying ChiouShu-ling Fu, I-Yun ShihTsai-Hsuan Weng, Wey-Jinq Lin and Chao-Hsiung Lin (2014) “Arginine methylation of hnRNPK negatively modulates apoptosis upon DNA damage through local regulation of phosphorylation” Nucleic Acids Research, 42:9908-24.

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