Faculty and research interests

All Faculty members are dedicated researchers in traditional medicine and have published around 300 articles and papers in worldwide medical  and biological journals. Besides research and teaching, Faculty members have participated in cross-strait academic exchanges and academic  activities relating to Chinese medicine at home and abroad.

Tung-Hu Tsai
Professor; B.S., Taipei Medical University, 1987; Ph.D., Yang-Ming University, 1995. Pharmaceutical Science, Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics of TCM. E-Mail: thtsai@ym.edu.tw

Shu-Ling Fu
Professor and Chairman; B.S. National Taiwan University, 1989; Ph.D., State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1996. Molecular biology, Cancer research. E-Mail: slfu@ym.edu.tw

Chung-Hua Hsu
Professor; M.D., China Medical University, 1995. Ph.D., National Yang-Ming University, 2006. E-Mail: owlherbs@yahoo.com.tw

Keng-Li Lan
Associate Professor; M.D., National Yang-Ming University, 1992. Ph.D., University of Michigan, USA, 1999. E-Mail: kllan@vghtpe.gov.tw

Fang-Pey  Chen
Associate Professor; M.D., Yang-Ming Medical College, 1983. Acupuncture and Natural Philosophy. E-Mail: fpchen@vghtpe.gov.tw

Tsai-Ju Chien
Assistant Professor; M.D., China Medical University, 2001. Ph.D., National Yang-Ming University, 2016. E-Mail: silence021@gmail.com


Shing-Jong Lin
Joint Professor

Chi-Hung Lin
Joint Professor

Maan-Yuh Lin
Joint Professor

Der-Cherng Tarng
Joint Professor

Wen-Hsiang Chiu
Joint Professor

Shih-Chieh Hung
Joint Professor

Jaung-Geng Lin
Adjunct Professor; M.D. in TCM, China Medical College, 1973; Ph.D., China Medical College, 1991. Acupuncture, Basic theories of TCM.

Yi-Tsau Huang
Adjunct Professor; M.D., Yang-Ming Medical College, 1984; Ph.D., University of Glasgow, 1991. Cardiovascular and biochemical pharmacology.

Jen-Hwey Chiu
Adjunct Professor; M.D., Kaohsiung Medical College, 1981; Ph.D., Yang-Ming Medical College, 1989. Hepatobiliary diseases, Experimental acupuncture.

Hen-Hong Chang
Adjunct Professor

Chin-Wen Chi
Adjunct Professor

Yu-Jen Chen
Adjunct professor

Lie-Chwen Lin
Adjunct professor

Jung-Nien Lai
Adjunct Associate Professor; M.D., Taiwan China Medical College, 1986; Ph.D., National Taiwan University, 2006; Clinical research methodology for complementary therapies. E-Mail: kareny@ms10.hinet.net

Wen-Fei Chiou
Adjunct Associate professor

Hui-Fen Liao
Adjunct Associate professor

Yih-Jer Wu
Adjunct Associate professor