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About Us
The Institute of Traditional Medicine is the first and only institute for traditional medicine amongst all the national medical colleges in Taiwan and specializes in education and research on traditional medicine (Chinese Medicine). We introduced a Master's program in August 1991 and a Doctoral program in 1998. Professor Julia J. Tsuei was the institute's first director. Professor Chuang-Ye Hong became the second director in August 1992 and Professor Yi-Tsau Huang the third director in January 1997. Since July 2003, Professor Jen-Hwey Chiu has served as the institute's fourth director. Since August 2009, Professor Tung-Hu Tsai has served as the institute's fifth director.

Founding Aims
To promote Chinese culture, to break through the bottlenecks in modern medicine, and to cultivate research talent and teachers.
2.To follow the trend of global medicine and serve the health of mankind through studying how to combine traditional medicine with modern medicine.
To standardize, systematize and modernize the diagnostics of traditional medicine by studying and collating traditional pharmacology.

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