1.Promotion of International Exchanges

  • Promoting International Academic Exchanges and Cooperation
  • Promoting International Academic Exchanges in Featured Disciplines
  • Top International Research Centers
  • Having Self-Initiated Academic Visits and Bilateral Cooperation with Sister Universities

2. NYMU-hosted international conferences

  • Expanding NYMU-hosted international conferences as ones that meet regularly each year; upsize and internationalize the conferences gradually to promote NYMU’s visibility.
  • Including panel discussion in the agenda of international conferences to allow comprehensive exchanges and brainstorming on important R&D results and future orientation of specific fields.
  • Encouraging top academic disciplines to take turns hosting conferences on different themes.

3. Dialogue with Masters

  • NYMU shall continue and expand the “Sayling Wen Lectureship of Academic Excellence” that, under the structure of UST, invites three to four Nobel laureates each year to lecture in the university system (see Section 5.5).

4. International Publicity and Promotion of University

  • Internationalize university information (through Internet platform): better Chinese and English versions of department profiles, for example, establishing an online admission platform to facilitate international students’ application and showcase NYMU’s achievement in internationalization online.
  • Participate in education fairs or university expos: regularly participates in meetings and education fairs of three major associations: Asia-Pacific Association for International Education, NAFSA: Association of International Educators, and European Association for International Education.
  • Promote international cooperation and admission through overseas offices. Continually cooperate with ICDF to provide full scholarship for selected international students recommended by allies.
  • Launch summer non-degree programs. Enhance NYMU’s attraction to prospective international students.

5. Assistance for International/Overseas Chinese/Mainland Chinese Students to Integrate into the Community

  • To build a student-friendly learning environment: The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) will host cultural visits and activities for international students to help them better understand Taiwan. With the emphasis of respect to cultural diversity, OSA will facilitate interactions between international and local students.
  • To offer financial aids to foreign students.
  • To help foreign students learn Chinese.

6. Exchange Students and Dual Degree Programs

  • Exchange students: encourage students to take courses or professional practicum in top foreign research centers, or fulfill internship in hospitals overseas; provide scholarship for outstanding students or students in straitened circumstance. Furthermore, encourage faculty members to accommodate international students in order to facilitate interaction between local and foreign students.
  • Dual degree programs: in collaboration with European universities, two double-master programs (with University of Glasgow, UK and University of Dundee, UK) and one dual doctorate program (with University of Rennes 1, France) have been established. A dual degree program collaborated with Université de Technologie de Troyes, France, is currently underway, and a contract is estimated to be signed by the end of this year.
  • Clinical probation: have exchange students attend two- to three-month clinical probations in NYMUH, VGHTPE and TCH.
  • Overseas volunteers: send faculty, students and medical professionals in teaching hospitals to provide medical service and health education overseas to promote holistic education through putting their knowledge in community health care and public health into practice.