1. Improvement of Teaching Effectiveness

  • Establishing High-Quality E-teaching and Learning Platforms and Promoting Digital Classes
  • Establishing Student Curriculum Map and Improving Learning Evaluation
  • Innovative Medical Education and Internship Plan
  • Cultivating Care for Humanity
    • - Humanity caring project
    • - Life and character education project
    • - Incubation project of international leaders in biomedicine to broaden students’ international vision
    • - Student-friendly university project
    • - Elite cultivation project
    • - Spirit of service cultivation course
  • Applying for More Slots of Clinical Teachers
  • Faculty Development
    • - Improving Faculty Qualification
    • - Teacher Evaluation

2. Balanced Development between Humanities and Sciences

  • Course arrangement and teacher designation
  • Courses in medical humanities and sociology of health and illness
  • Courses in humanities
  • Professor Kuang-Dong Wuu Humanities Forum
  • Continual dialogue between arts and sciences

3. Cultivation of Interdisciplinary Professionals

  • Improvement of Courses in Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering for Students of Biomedical Field
  • Interdisciplinary Degree Programs
  • Teaching and Programs Collaborated with Other Schools or Institutions