Prof. Takeyasu MAEDA
Dean, Faculty of Dentistry
Niigata University


Prof. Allen Ming-Lun HSU
Dean, School of Dentistry
National Yang-Ming University

Welcome to the Collaborative Symposium of Taiwan Universities and Niigata University It is my great pleasure to invite you to attend The Collaborative Symposium of 7 Dental Schools in Taiwan and Niigata University Faculty of Dentistry at Taipei on March 9th and 10th, 2019, financially supported by grants which were funded to Niigata University Faculty of Dentistry by Japanese Ministry of Education. In Japan, all national universities have been re-organized as corporations as of 2004. Beginning in FY2017, the incorporation of national universities enters the period of their third round of medium-term goals and medium term plan. In the third mid-term plan, Niigata University focuses on three issues: First, reorganization of educational system to cultivate young people with global mind; second internationalization including collaboration with foreign universities at student and faculty levels; and third, higher research activity under our ideals of autonomy and creation. Niigata University sets its international relation strategy which aims to be the academic gateway for Eastern Asia Rim region. In such situation, our dental school has been successful promoting interdisciplinary environment that provides more comprehensive knowledge and skills to the young researchers and graduate students. We aim to foster leading researchers to encourage outstanding PhD students to become future cutting-edge researchers through exposures to a competitive environment. We believe that this kind of international activities among us is of great importance for young researchers to extend their activities globally. We have signed sister school agreements with both National Yang-Ming University and National Taiwan University, core members of this symposium. Under the academic agreements between these universities and us, we co-hosted the collaborative international symposium at Taipei November 2017. It was great for us to create close cooperative relationship with all dental schools in Taiwan through this symposium by discussing research topics in various dental fields. For further academic collaboration, we plan to have the 2nd Collaborative Symposium, co-hosted by National Yang-Ming and Niigata Universities. I believe the participants of this symposium strengthen their professional ties and accelerate the research activities in dental sciences. We look forward to fruitful and academic interactions at all levels, from faculty to PhD candidates. Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Dean & Prof. Allen, and the members of the organizing committee for dedicated preparation of this symposium.

With the growing of the economic condition, health becomes a noticeable issue in the world, while dentistry plays an important role to keep people in good health thus leads to better life quality. In order to achieve the goal of this international collaborative symposium which is to improve the knowledge of those interested in dentistry by increased communication and exchange of scientific information as well as to stimulate the profession toward greater awareness of dentistry, we will get together to seek better achievement toward this goal and even spread the glorious production global-wide. As the Dean of School of Dentistry, it is my great pleasure and privilege to welcome you. I strongly believe that this meeting will provide a meaningful dialogue that will advance the solution both for dental clinic as well as research and will lead to stronger collaboration between our two institutions. Thanks for the great effort of Dean Professor Takeyasu Maeda and colleagues of Faculty of Dentistry, Niigata University, Japan. Without your longstanding support and friendship, this collaborative symposium can not come true. We also would like to give our sincere appreciation to our members of LOC and the Association of Alumni, Dental School, National Yang-Ming University, and those who offer support for us to accomplish such a great event. Besides the meeting, Taipei is a city abundant in friendly people, fine cuisine and many tropical fruits. The venue is located in the historical area of old Taipei city. The highest building of Taipei 101 tower which is not far from the venue. You can enjoy shopping there, or just relax and feel the atmosphere of Taipei, and explore the landscape in west coast or the sea side of southern Taiwan. Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to Taipei.