National Yang-Ming University School of Dentistry


The School currently has one department (faculty), two institutes and one center. With the ongoing Education Reform, teachers from both clinical science and basic science are working together to help the students become dentists capable of delivering total patient care, as well as specialists mastering in both clinical services and researches.
In 2004, there are 40 post-graduate students in the School. Their research topics include those both in the dental sciences and basic oral biology. The Institute of Clinical Dentistry focuses its efforts on clinical issues as well as relevant basic sciences. The main direction is oral tissue engineering combining biology and material science. The Institute of Oral Biology focuses its efforts on the etiological factors of oral diseases. The main direction is the impact of betel-quid chewing on oral health, utilizing the rapidly developing techniques in genome and protein manipulation. It is our aim to make the School a leading establishment in education as well as in research, and to promote the quality of dental education.
We plan to reinforce the cooperation between the School and dental/oral schools in China and overseas. At the moment, the School has established links with dental schools such as the Northwestern University and the New York University in the US. However, there is a need to booster substantial two-way cooperation. In the future, we hope the academic cooperation can be extended to more dental schools including those in the Europe, North America, as well as Japan. Since Taiwan is a member of the WTO, we also expect to arrange faculty and student exchange programs with dental schools in China.
With the cooperation framework between the School and the VGH-TPE, we are working to establish the YM-VGH Oral Health Care Center, which will consist three departments and three institutes (as the teaching units), three academic-enterprise joint-venture centers (oral oncology center, oral biomaterial center, and oral rehabilitation center), a dental clinical education center, a oral science research center, as well as a preventive dentistry center. Hopefully, if everything goes well, the School will become one of the major oral health organizations in the world.


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