Wei-Li Chen  

Professor, Department of Medical Radiation Technology and Institute of Radiological Sciences School of Medical Technology and Engineering, National Yang-Ming University.

Major Research Areas:


Heath Physics, Radiation Physics, Environmental Radiological Science and Radiation Biology



Research Summary:

 Research Projects Executed within the Past Three Years (2003-2005)

  1. The application of FLUKA Monte Carlo simulation program in brachytherapy.
  2. Establishing the quality of the BIMP low energy x-ray (below 50 KV).
  3. Study of Spiral and Conventional CT dose.
  4. A source model for the calculation of head scatter factors.
  5. Dose distribution near the interface of different phantom materials around brachytherapy source 192Ir.
  6. The Dosage Calibration in Mammograph.
  7. Analyzing of Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy dose effect induce from computer tomography artifacts.
The development of a new ionizing radiation glass dosimeter system.


Selected Publication

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