Wei-Siang Huang
B. A., Philosophy, Soochow University
Duration: Spring 2009 -Spring 2010

Rara Lee
M. L., Law, National Taipei University
Email: alta.rara@yahoo.com.tw

Duration: Spring 2009 -Spring 2010
Karen Yan
PhD Student, Philosophy, The Johns Hopkins University, USA
Email: ryan5@jhu.edu
Duration: Summer 2009 (May - July)
Miguel Angel Sebastian Gonzalez
PhD Student, Philosophy, The University of Barcelona, Spain
Email: msebastian@gmail.com
Duration: Summer 2009 (July - August)
Sam Liao
PhD Student, Philosophy, The University of Michigan, USA
Email: samliao@umich.edu
Duration: Winter 2010 (January - February)
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