Journal title

Bernard J. Baars

Associate Editors
Thomas Z. Ramzoy (Copenhagen)
Jonathan Smallwood (UC Santa Barbara)

Editorial Board
Giulio Tononi (Wisconsin), Christof Koch (Caltech), Susan Greenfield (Oxford), V.S. Ramachandran (UCSB),
Pat Churchland (UCSB), William P. Banks (Pomona), David Edelman (Neuroscience Institute), Antoine Lutz (Wisconsin),
Bjorn Merker (Uppsala, Sweden), Stan Franklin (U Memphis), Ned Block (NYU), Steven Laureys (U Liege, Belgium),
Anil Seth (Sussex, UK), Murray Shanahan (Imperial College, London), Heather Berlin (Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY),
Ramesh Srinivasan (UCI), Raphael Malach (Weizmann, Israel), Gabriel Kreiman (Caltech), Jonathan Schooler (UCSB),
Nicole Gage (UCI), Mahzarin Banaji (Princeton), Galen Strawson (U Reading), Stuart Hameroff (Arizona),
Peter U. Tse (Princeton), David Eagleman (Houston), Hakwan Lau (Columbia U), Eric Halgren (UCSD),
John G. Taylor (KCL), Allen Y. Houng, (National Yang Ming University, Taiwan)

Mission statement
To publish definitive, state-of-the-art articles on major topics in the scientific study of conscious and unconscious brain functions.

Scientific research on conscious and unconscious processes, volition, and related issues has been of very high quality, but scattered across many specialties. SEMINARS will publish a definitive series of issues on the major topics, to allow multiple researchers to present their findings and to interact productively, in order to promote integrative learning across disciplinary boundaries. Baars co-founded the first journal in the field, Consciousness and Cognition (Academic Press/ Elsevier), which has been very successful, but which is necessarily submission-driven. SEMINARS IN BRAIN & CONSCIOUSNESS will focus instead on carefully selected, major integrative questions that appeal to broad scientific and medical audiences.

Background information
Scientists in many fields are focusing intensively on the topic of conscious brain events. It has attracted Nobelists like Francis Crick and Gerald Edelman, along with Antonio Damasio, Endel Tulving, Daniel Schacter, and many others. In 2005 SCIENCE magazine proclaimed ˇ§the biological basis of consciousnessˇ¨ one of the top unsolved problems in contemporary science. Active researchers include brain and cognitive scientists, neurologists and other medical specialists, and brain theorists. Applied discoveries have been made in coma and anesthesia, neurology, and brain plasticity. A PubMed search shows tens of thousands of recent citations. The first scientific journal and the first international society were founded more than a decade ago.

The great advantage of the new journal, Seminars in Brain and Consciousness, is that it will be topically driven, and can therefore focus on major new developments and ˇ§hot questionsˇ¨ on the scientific frontier. This will give us extraordinary flexibility and topical coherence. In essence, we hope that SEMINARS will become a series of scientific consensus statements and tutorial issues on leading topics in this historically neglected field of study.


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