Dr. John C. Tsaihong, Associate Professor


University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology

Research interests¡G

Epidemiology on protozoan infections; Antigen analysis and DNA typing on protozoa

Zoonotic infections

Research projects¡G

    Monitoring of cryptosporidiosis and cyclosporiosis in mountain area of Taiwan. Center for Disease Control. Jan. 2002 ~ Dec. 2004.¡C

Publication list¡G

  1. YC Tsaihong, ER Chen, HC Hsieh. 2001. Training workshops on laboratory diagnosis of parasitic infections for medical personnel. Chinese Journal of Parasitology 14¡G25-32.
  2. YC Tsaihong¡ACC Wu and MY Liou. 2001.¡@Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites Among School Students on Lanyu (Orchid Island)¡ATaitung County.¡@Chinese Journal of Parasitology 14¡G3-14.
  3. PF Gio, YT Lee, YL Wang, YC Tsaihong. 2001. Intestinal parasites of dogs in Taipei City. Chinese Journal of Parasitology 14¡G73-80.
  4. GN Chang, ACY Fei, YK Liao, CD Yang, JC Tsaihong. 2004. Set up the national standard operation procedures for the diagnosis of toxoplasmosis in animals by using nested polymerase chain reaction. Chinese Journal of Parasitology 15:21-31.