Dr. Chau-Mei Ho, Associate Professor

National Taiwan University, Department of Plant Pathology and Entomology, Ph.D (1970-1974).

Specialty and Research Areas:

  1. Medical entomology
  2. Molecular phylogeny and evolution
  3. Surveillance and population analyses for mosquitoes
  4. Phylogenetic analyses and molecular evolution for mosquitoes and dust mites
  5. Molecular cloning for mite allergens
  6. Studies of asthma induced by mite allergen in animal model
  7. Survey for the prevalence of the allergic patients to mite allergens

Grants Projects¡G

  1. Cloning and characterization of cDNA library of allergens in Tyrphagus putrescentiae.¡]2005- 2006, NSC-94-2314-B-010-047¡^
  2. Cloning and analyses for mitochondrial genome of Anopheles minimus . (2002- 2003, National Science Council, NSC-91-2314-B-010-047¡^
  3. Surveillance and population analyses for Aedes aegypti in Taiwan¡]2002, Center for Disease Control, DOH91-DC-1002¡^
  4. Morphotype identification of Anopheles minimus in Taiwan (2001, Center for Disease Control, DOH90-DC-1305)
  5. Cloning and analyses for ribosomal gene in house dust mites¡]2000- 2001, National Science Council, NSC-89-2314-B-010-52¡^
  6. Surveillance and control of house dust mites in Taiwan¡]2000, Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan¡^


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