Dr. Yuan-Tsong Chen, Professor

Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica
Phone: 886-2-


1978, Ph.D.@Human Genetics
@@@@@@ Columbia University, USA


@Our overall research interests are in translational research. We aim at translating the promise of genomic medicine into clinical reality.

Specific projects at present time include:

1. Identification of novel genes/targets associated with human diseases. Genetic epidemiology, mouse ENU mutagenesis, bioinformatics, bioinformatics and proteomics are some approaches that we use in identification of novel genes associated with the human disease. Genes for several monogenic diseases have been mapped and/or identified or identified. Genetic markers associated with drug-induced Stevens-Johnson syndrome have been identified. Using ENU mutagenesis we have identified a mouse model resembling human maple syrup urine disease.

2. Functional characterization of a novel glucose transporter and its role in diabetes mellitus.

3. Enzyme and gene therapy and targeting mechanisms of Pompe disease.


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2. McVie-Wylie, A.J., Lamson, D.R. and Chen, Y.T. Molecular cloning of a novel member of the GLUT family of transporters, SLC2A10 (GLUT10), localized on chromosome 20q13.1; a candidate gene for NIDDM susceptibility. Genomics 72: 113-117, 2001.

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