Dr. Yi-Ping Hsueh, Assistant Professor

Institute of Molecular Biology, Academia Sinica
Phone: 886-2-2789-9311
E-mail: yph@gate.sinica.edu.tw


1983, B.S.°@ Biology
°@°@°@°@°@°@ National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

1995, Ph.D.°@Microbiology and Immunology
°@°@°@°@°@°@ National Yang-Ming Normal University, Taiwan

1995 - 1995°@Postdoctoral Research Fellow
°@°@°@°@°@°@ Institute of Molecular Biology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

1996 - 2000°@Postdoctoral Research Fellow
°@°@°@°@°@°@ Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Dept. of Neurobiology, Harvard Medical School


°@Molecular roles of postsynaptic protein in neural development, signaling and activity.


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