Dr. Suh-Der Tsen, Associate Professor

Phone: 886-2-2826-7108
E-mail: nymutsen@ym.edu.tw


@@@B.S.@ National Taiwan University

1982, Ph.D.@Harvard University


Hyperthermophilic Archaea

@@Yang Ming University is situated at the foot of Da Tun Volcanoes. This area is thus very abundant in solfataras, hot springs, and fumaroles. I am interested in the ecology, physiology, and genetics of the archaea which can live in these very acidic and hot environments. We have isolated many strains of Crenarcheota from several sites. They exhibit many interesting properties. From these strange pnenomena, we hope to get a glimpse of the properties of our universal ancestor which existed 3-4 billion years ago.


1. Jan, R.-L., Wu, J., Chaw, S.-M., Tsai, C.-W. and Tsen, S.-D. A novel species of themoacidophilic archaeon: Sulfolobus yangmingensis sp. nov. International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology 1999, 49:1809-1816.

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