Dr. Nan-Chi Chang, Professor

Phone: 886-2-2826-7114
E-mail: ncchang@ym.edu.tw


1972, B.S.@ Biology
@@@@@@ Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

1980, M.S.@ Immunology
@@@@@@ Iowa State University, Ames IA, USA

1981, Ph.D.@Immunology
@@@@@@ Iowa State University, Ames IA, USA

1976 - 1977@Post-doctorate fellow
@@@@@@ Department of Chemistry, Arlington, Texas, USA


1. Structure and Function of Ym1, a novel immune mediator expressed by activated macrophages

2. Function genomic studies of novel gene Luzp in neural and germ cells

3. Decode the function of adrenoceptor subtypes in KO-KI mouse models


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