Dr. Chuen-Miin Leu, Assistant Professor

Phone: 886-2-2826-7296
E-mail: cmleu@ym.edu.tw


1992, B.S.@ Dept. of Zoology
@@@@@@National Taiwan University, Taiwan

1994, M.S.@ Institute of Microbiology and Immunology
@@@@@@National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan

2000, Ph.D.@Institute of Microbiology and Immunology
@@@@@@National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan

2000 - 2001@Postdoctoral fellow
@@@@@@ Veteran's General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan

2001 - 2004@Postdoctoral fellow
@@@@@@ University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

2005 - @@@Assistant Professor
@@@@@@ Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan


@@The long term research interests in the Leu lab are the functions and signal transduction pathways of transmembrane receptors in the immune system. The current focus is a recently identified family of Fc receptor homolog (FcRH) genes. The FcRH receptors are preferentially expressed on different stages of B cells. We are going to study:

1. The role of FcRH receptors in B cell activation.

2. The signal transduction pathways of FcRH receptors.

3. The cross-talks between FcRH receptors and other surface receptors on B cells.


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