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The researches of our lab cover three disciplines:
  1. Cancer Genomics:
    Focusing on liver cancers, breast cancers (especially the early-onset group), and lung cancers (especially female adnocarcinoma).
    • The lab is part of Gene Expression Analysis Center, Genome Research Center, National Yang-Ming University.
    • Since 2004, we are also responsible for Gene Expression Core, National Research Program for Genomic Medicine, which provides microarray and real-time Q-PCR services to the research community, Taiwan.

  2. Liver Cell Biology:
    Focusing on hepatic differentiation and secretion, membrane polarization, protein targeting, etc.
    • Platform technologies: digital imaging, confocal imaging, two-photon imaging, ratio imaging, vital imaging, microinjection and micromanipulations of mammalian cells, patterned cell cultures, etc.

  3. Biophotonics:
    Focusing on the dynamic studies of ligand-receptor (the interactions between the snake venom, rhodostomin, and integrin αIIbβ3) at a single-molecule resolution, and other nanometry-related investigation and biosensing.
    • Platform technologies: atomic force microscopy (AFM), optical tweezers, photonic force microscopy, total internal reflection (TIR) fluorescence microscopy, fluorescence lifetime, fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET). etc.
    • The lab is involved in the operation of Imaging Core, Center for Nanoscience and Technology (CNST), University System of Taiwan (UST).
Last updated February 9, 2004