Doris Yecenia Sandith Yanes

I been living in Taiwan for almost 2 years and the experience has been one of the best experiences ever. I am from Belize, Central America and I came to this beautiful Island in 2014 to study Language-Mandarin but after the completion of the program I decided to come back and continue my studies.

I recently moved to Taipei city for my Master Degree in International Health at National Yang-Ming University (NYMU). The staff here are very friendly and warm welcoming. They help you all through the process of admission and registration. They are the backbone of the University and make the program outstanding. For me, this has been a very smooth transition from one university to an another.

NYMU is very famous for research in Life Science and Medicine which drew my attention for studying International Health. The Professors are very professional and with excellent background studies. They are always there to assist and guide you through your career. There are also a lot of resources that students can have access for continuing their studies or research; such as publications, Journals, Seminars, the library resources and much more. Being in the International Health Program where different cultures get together to learn about global health issues is the perfect University to be. You enjoy the interaction of people of different cultures which is basically what any student in International Health Program is looking for and learn from their peers.

NYMU has a very friendly environment and also safe to stay. The University campus is situated in a mountainous hill top where you can enjoy the beautiful view of Taipei city and surrounding areas. It’s one of an envy to others and a privilege to few. There are lots of beautiful places to visit, such as mountains for hiking, Temples, Night markets, the famous Tamsui and much more to explore. The place is very diverse and in a blink of an eye you will have so much friends and wouldn’t feel lonely or homesick.

NYMU is a full package, a unique place for studying and for living. I really feel fortunate to be part NYMU family and I am grateful for the opportunity given. NYMU would most definitely be the prized location to continue my future aspiration in International Health Program.

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