Monica Gongora

Ever since I came to Taiwan back in 2011, I have developed a special connection with this little island. I first came to pursue my studies in the health field (health and nursing administration) which has always been lifelong passion while in Belize. I realized that there was so much someone like myself from a small Central American/Caribbean country could learn in such an efficient and technology centered society. As I completed my undergrad studies, my passion continued to grow and I began to be drawn more to the area of Public Health. My ultimate research interest and goal was to foster the knowledge and skill-set required to formulate improved methods and strategies for public health awareness and research in my home country of Belize.

Being a part of the international student community for over 4 years has allowed me to learn a lot about the various universities throughout Taiwan; their strengths, programs and overall success rates. I found Yang Ming to stand out among the others in many areas. Not only was it classified as one of the best Taiwanese Universities in terms of ranking and health related studies, but it was also situated in one of the most beautiful and picturesque areas of busy Taipei.

I have known quite a few Belizeans who have been a part of the International Health Program(IHP), all of whom are currently quite successful and respected individuals. I have seen the passion with which they spoke of IHP and I quickly realized that I shared this passion. The span of this program is incredible, with courses covering every area of public health and issues surrounding public health. The courses are taught by knowledgeable professors who have all done and continue to do extensive research in their area of expertise. I feel quite privileged to be a part of the lectures and to be gaining knowledge from such influential individuals in the health field. In addition to this, my classmates are made up of individuals from all over the world, all who share the same passion in international health. Class discussions are always spirited and informative as we learn about each other and the health situations in various nations.

I truly believe that Yang Ming University and the IHP was the perfect choice. Being here so far has been a very rewarding experience; from the helpful IHP staff, to the interesting lectures, it has proven to be a great program for me and for anyone whose dream is to pursue studies in international and public health. I can hardly wait to see what’s in store for the remainder of my studies here!

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