Omolara Elizabeth Okunlola Herrera

First of all I will like to start with why I choose Taiwan? I choose Taiwan because Taiwan education system has a very good reputation with advance technology that is way ahead of many countries in the world, with welcoming atmosphere and safe environment. Safety is one of Maslow’s hierarchies of needs which is important to humans to reach their highest point of life which is self-actualization. I believe studying in Taiwan will make me reach this point. Studying in Taiwan at National Yang Ming University will help me take huge start in my life because of the Master’s program offered in NYMU. I checked other Universities in different part of the world but National Yang Ming University in Taiwan seems to be the only University that provides international Health program for multicultural students from different walks of life regardless of their race, color, background or religion.

And this county and University promises good career outcomes. And I will have a chance for further study in health care program in the future which will greatly satisfy me so much as this has always been my desire to have a great career with an outstanding University that provides such opportunity.

Furthermore, i choose NYMU because National Yang Ming University has produced a lot of respectable and responsible past Masters and PhD students. NYMU used to be a medical school only before expanding to other majors including public health. And I have been in the medical field for many years now and NYMU is a very suitable place to meet all my medical study plan and achievement.

I also choose NYMU because it is one of the few Universities in Taiwan that is located on a mountain with high rise and great architecture buildings. I have always loved to live on mountains and places with great architecture building and NYMU have these features.

When I first arrived at NYMU University I was welcomed by volunteer students who assisted me in moving to my dorm, after twelve hours flight from New York all I wanted was a rest and nothing strenuous. The volunteer students literally carried my bags and helped me moved to my dorm, all I had to do was take a warm shower and I drop asleep. I met more people as the time went by and these people are very welcoming and nice people they made sure I was confortable. Many of them told me not to hesitate calling them any day or time if I needed anything. One of the volunteer students up to this present moment always gets me Lunch every weekend. There is no place in the entire world as welcoming as the NYMU. I do feel home sick especially leaving my friends and family behind in Belize but with the great friendship and kindness I receive here I cannot possibly ask for anything better.

My classes are offered five times a week with great lecturers and academic advisor. My lectures do not only provide academic guidance and support but also they made sure all their students were doing perfectly well mentally, socially and health wise. My academic advisor is a very welcoming person; paying him a visit to his office and attending some of his classes have opened my eyes towards the future. Before starting NYMU I was not sure how to start my research or even choose a topic but I was guided and I have finally chosen a topic and started working on my research. Courses and student supervision are provided by well qualified diversified multidisciplinary faculty members. I see a brighter and greater future here in NYMU and I will not hesitate inviting and telling other people from different part of the world to come join me in these great experience at National Yang Ming University.

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