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2019/04/24 「財團法人國際合作發展基金會 大專青年海外技術協助服務專區」
2017/12/30 本學程博士班(公共衛生研究所國際學程組)註冊率一事說明。
2017/11/27 IHP students and alumni have excellent performance on publishing papers.
2017/03/15 IHP was awarded a prize of the TICA Cooperation Program of International Quality Assessment.
2016/05/13 IHP Teams Win the 2015 ICDF Student Paper Competition!
2015/05/14 IHP Team Wins the 2014 ICDF Student Paper Competition!
2014/10/16 IHP Epidemic Report Procedure
2014/05/27 IHP Teams Win the 2013 ICDF Student Paper Competition!
2014/05/27 ICPSR Database is Open for IHP Students & Faculties!
2013/08/14 蔡雨玹同學完成MPH修業訓練心得分享
2013/08/02 Tibetan nurses attended workshop on public health organized by International Health Program, NYMU
2013/08/02 國際衛生學程前往北印度辦理公衛社區護理工作坊完滿成功
2013/07/15 國際衛生學程徵才啟示
2013/06/03 Congratulations to Doctor Enkhzaya Chuluunbaatar
2013/03/04 Outstanding Alumni News - Dr. Hugo Bugoro
2012/12/24 2012 Study in Taiwan Call for Story Prize Winners
2012/07/27 Outstanding Alumni News - Dr. Hugo Bugoro
2012/04/26 2012 NYMU Promoting Global Health through Education International Symposium
2011/12/18 The International Health Program (IHP) is rewarded an honor as “Highly Recommended” and got a grant of three million NTD from MOE.
2011/12/08 2011 International Development Cooperation Student Paper Competition
2011/12/01 Admissions Fall 2012
2011/11/30 2011年TICA盃趣味運動競賽
2011/11/30 邁向頂尖大學聯合成果展:國際衛生學程是友邦人才培育搖籃
2011/06/01 Mr. Hugo Bugoro (Ph. D. student) has been invited to act as a committee member of Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network (APMEN)
2011/03/26 Intensive Course delivered by Dr. Chun Huei Chi on March
2010/08/05 客座教授Dr. Morisky與梁賡義校長面談/Meeting with President
2010/07/06 分級華語課程,歡迎大家選修/Chinese Course (Basic/Advanced)
2010/07/06 98學年度畢業生 / Class of 2010
2010/05/14 Summer Intensive Program (Dr. Morisky)
2010/05/14 The Video Conference between OSU and IHP /學程將與美國OSU進行視訊會議
2010/05/14 Dr. Buka’s visiting
2010/05/14 Dr. Chun Huei Chi’s visiting (紀駿輝客座副教授)
2010/01/29 Guéthina Galbaud, a volunteer from IHP, sends help to Haiti
2010/01/29 Our alumnus, Milo, found safe in Haiti after massive earthquake
2009/12/18 MOU regarding exchange students and faculties program with OHSU signed
2009/12/08 International Conference on Global Health ends perfectly
2009/10/01 MOU regarding exchange student and faculty program with OSU renewed
2009/09/22 2009 IHP Orientation
2009/06/22 There was a Graduation Ceremony at Auditorium on 6/13(Sat)
2009/06/21 There was a Farewell Party for all foreign graduates at Center of International Affairs Lobby on 6/12(Fri)
2009/04/01 Lien, Shu-Fen, the PhD student of International Health Program who won the National Youth Contribution Award
2009/02/25 International Conference on Contemporary Primary Health Care: Perspectives in U.K and Taiwan ends perfectly

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