Field Work Sites

Students are encouraged to conduct an international health research and do field works for collecting data. The following are the IHP field work sites:

*Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

*Swasti Health Resource Centre, India

*Research site in Malawi of Pingtung Christian Hospital, Taiwan R.O.C.

Pingtung Christian Hospital is a partner of Luke International Norway, LIN (http://lukeinternational.no/) and has a research work site in Malawi. They accept IHP students to do field research there.

Student’s experience sharing

Danny Chen 陳岱嶺

The experience of having an internship in Swasti is very fruitful. As the local contractor of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s AVAHAN India AIDS Initiative, Swasti managed the largest private sector oriented public health aid system in the subcontinent, which provide me huge resource and platform to practice what I learned from academic training to the field, and learn valuable experience from their work. During my work in India, I was assigned to used my anthropological research skill to analyze the health behavior change pattern of female sex workers suffering from various types of violence.

Ivy Hsu 許益湉

Fortunately and gratefully, I was granted with this precious opportunity from International Health Program, Yang-Ming University to collect data for my dissertation in Banda Aceh, Indonesia where inspired me of international collaboration on health and medicine when I was little. Apart from visiting local healthcare centers, I learned how to make communication with those first-met and discussed the cooperation with different departments and resources. Most importantly, this short-term gap trip not only allowed me to spend a whole summer with locals but also, with a thorough observation on local context, felt the beats of the culture that helped me germinate some brand-new inception about the world without a doubt.

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