Brief to Alumni Achievements

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Alumni of Ph.D. program

*Name: Dr. Patrick Opiyo Owili

*Nationality: Republic of Kenya

*Position before IHP: Health Accountant of the hospital

*Current position: Lecturer and Director, Department of Public Health

*Title of the thesis: Associations in the Continuum of Care for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health


(1) Managing mass events and competitions with difficult-to-access locations using mobile electrocardiac monitoring / Journal: Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine
(2) Perceptions and attitudes of health professionals in Kenya on national health care resource allocation mechanisms: a structural equation modeling / Journal: PLOS One
(3) Associations in the continuum of care for maternal, newborn and child health: a population-based study of 12 sub-Saharan Africa countries / Journal: BMC Public Health
(4) Family structure types and adequate utilization of antenatal care in Kenya / Journal: Family & Community Health
(5) Association between dietary patterns and cardiovascular risk factors among middle-aged and elderly adults in Taiwan: a population-based study from 2003 to 2012 / Journal: PLOS One
(6) Relationship between women’s characteristics and continuum of care for maternal health in Kenya: complex survey analysis using structural equation modeling / Journal: Women & Health


*Name:Dr. Bomar Méndez Rojas

*Nationality: Nicaragua

*Position before IHP: Center for Epidemiology and Health Research, National Autonomous University, Nicaragua

*Current position: Health situation analyst, Panamerican Health Organization in Honduras

*Title of the thesis: Contextual and individual factors associated with sexual onset, teen birth and birth spacing among Central American women


(1) Socioeconomic differential in self-assessment of health and happiness in 5 African countries: Finding from World Value Survey / Journal: PLOS One
(2) Determinants and materno-fetal outcomes related to caesareans section delivery in private and public hospitals in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review and meta-analysis protocol / Journal: Systematic Reviews
(3) Community social capital on the timing of sexual debut and teen birth in Nicaragua: A multilevel approach / Journal: BMC Public Health
(4) Psychometric evaluation of the French version of the Clinical Nursing Competence Questionnaire (CNCQ-22): a cross-sectional study in nursing education in Burkina Faso / Journal: Nurse Education Today


*Name: Ziemlé Clément MEDA, MD, MPM, PhD in Public Health

*Nationality: Burkina Faso

*Position before IHP: Head of Health Doctor, University of Ouagadougou

*Current position: Assistant Researcher at the High Institute of Health Sciences of the University Nazi Boni INSSA, Université Nazi Boni (Ex Université Polytechnique de Bobo Dioulasso)

*Title of the thesis: A comparative study on the Knowledge Attitude, Practices, Medication Adherence and Needs between TB and HIV Patients in two main Regions from Burkina Faso


(1) Check Up on Anaesthesia for Caesarean Section in a Medical Center with Surgical Antenna in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso / Journal: Journal of Diseases and Medicinal Plants
(2) Patients infected by tuberculosis and human immunodeficiency virus facing their disease, their reactions to disease diagnosis and its implication about their families and communities, in Burkina Faso : a mixed focus group and cross sectional study / Journal: BMC Research Notes
(3) Knowledge, attitudes and practices about swallowing disorders in hemiplegic patients among nurses of Bobo-Dioulasso urban primary health care centers in Burkina Faso / Journal: Nutrition clinique et metabolism
(4) Tuberculosis in developing countries: conditions for successful use of a decentralized approach in a rural health district / Journal: Pan-African journal
(5) Medication-adherence predictors among patients with tuberculosis or human immunodeficiency virus infection in Burkina Faso / Journal: Journal of microbiology, immunology, and infection
(6) Risk factors of tuberculosis infection among HIV/AIDS Patients in Burkina Faso / Journal: AIDS research and human retroviruses
(7) Leadership and vision in the improvement of universal health care coverage in low-income countries / Journal: Sante



Alumni of Master program

*Name: Dr. Rosmond Adams, MD, MSc. (Public Health), FRSPH

*Nationality: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

*Position before IHP: Medical Officer / Doctor, Ministry of Health, Government of St. Vincent and The Grenadine

*Current position: Head, Health Information, Communicable Disease and Emergency Response, Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA)(Website: www.carpha.org)

*Title of the thesis: Willingness to participate and to pay for National Health Insurance in St. Vincent and the Grenadines: A Contingent Valuation Study


(1) Prevention is better than cure: tackling non-communicable diseases in developing countries by focusing on prevention / Journal: Perspectives in Public Health
(2) Lessons learned from the Chikunguna outbreak in the Caribbean / Journal: Perspectives in Public Health
(3) Willingness to participate and pay for a proposed national health insurance in St. Vincent and the Grenadines: a cross-sectional contingent valuation approach / Journal: BMC Health Services Research


*Name: Dr. Aisha Andrewin

*Nationality: Belize

*Position before IHP: National Epidemiologist at Ministry of Health, Belize

*Current position: Chief Medical Officer of Anguilla, a tiny British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean

*Title of the thesis: Stigmatization of HIV/AIDS patients and Related Factors among Doctors and Nurses in Belize


(1) Determinants of the lethality of climate-related disasters in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM): a cross-country analysis / Journal: Scientific Reports
(2) Stigmatization of patients with HIV/AIDS among doctors and nurses in Belize / Journal: AIDS Patient Care and STDs


*Name: Dr. Sanon W. Olivier Constantin

*Nationality: Burkina Faso

*Position before IHP: Intern at West African Heatlh Organization

*Current position: Regional Hospital General Director, Ministry of Health (Centre Hospitalier Régional de Koudougou, Ministère de la santé)

*Title of the thesis: Factors Associated with HIV Treatment Discontinuation in an Antiretroviral Therapy Clinic in BOBO-DIOULASSO, BURKINA FASO


*Name: Dr. Alex, Chih-Yu CHEN, M.D., M.Sc. 陳志瑜

*Nationality: Taiwan R.O.C.

*Position before IHP: Physician, National Taiwan University Hospital

*Current position: Ph.D. Postgraduate Researcher, Clinical Medicine Research, WHO Collaborating Centre
Department of Primary Care and Public Health, Imperial College London, UK
President, European Federation of Taiwan Health Alliance (EFTHA), Germany
Assistant Secretary General, Asian Health Literacy Association (AHLA), Switzerland
UK Representative, Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH), USA
Attending Physician & Medical Consultant, Science Park Clinic, Hsinchu, Taiwan
Specialist Physician, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan

*Title of the thesis: 有跌倒經驗的女性其脊椎前傾角度與肌力暨平衡理學檢查結果的相關性研究


Alumni Reflections

Aisha Andrewin

My name is Dr. Aisha Andrewin. I have been the Chief Medical Officer of Anguilla, a tiny British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean, since August 2014. I was a student of the Master of Science, International Health Programme from August 2005 to July 2007. My time studying at Yang Ming is among the most defining and memorable moments of my life both professionally and personally. More...

Patrick Opiyo Owili

My name is Dr. Patrick Opiyo Owili. I am from Kenya. With distinct confidence, I am greatly honored to be a PhD graduate from the International Health Program (IHP), Institute of Public Health at National Yang-Ming University (NYMU). A wide range of courses, excellent teaching and research, and a sociable healthy environment is what defines the IHP; and if I would have to make another choice again, I would not hesitate to choose NYMU. More...

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Rosmond Adams

The time spent at the National Yang-Ming University has prepared me with the necessary knowledge and skills needed for my job as a public health professional. I graduated as a physician in 2008 and in 2011 studied public health at the IHP at the NYMU. On graduating with my MSc. Public Health, I returned to St. Vincent and the Grenadines where I worked as the Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) coordinator and then later as the National Epidemiologist. More...


Alex Chen 陳志瑜

Aisha Nicole Andrewin

Rosmond Romando Olando Adams


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