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英國高等教育機構QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) 公布2015年生物科學及醫學領域評比,陽明較去年大幅進步31名,由181名進步至150名,國內排名第2名。

(一) 提供全英文課程,培養全英語公共衛生專業人才
(二) 學生背景多元,促進多元文化及多專業的互相學習
(三) 跨領域專業教師群授課與指導學生
(四) 關注開發中國家衛生議題與困境
(五) 提供機會讓學生參與及執行國際衛生計畫

1. Courses are offered in English in order to cultivate public health professionals who are fluent in English.
2. Diversified backgrounds of the students promote cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary learning.
3. Courses and student supervision provided by multi-disciplinary faculty members.
4. Focus on health issues in developing countries.
5. Opportunities for students to participate and implement international health projects.

Where are we?

IHP locates Taiwan, a country in Asia.(To know more: An Introduction to Taiwan )

Taiwan rated world’s 2nd safest country

Taiwan is the world’s second safest country in 2015 on the strength of its low crime rate and friendly people as determined by U.S. magazine Presscave. (CNA) (Reference: http://taiwantoday.tw/news.php?unit=10,23,10&post=21375)


Doris Yecenia Sandith Yanes

I been living in Taiwan for almost 2 years and the experience has been one of the best experiences ever. I am from Belize, Central America and I came to this beautiful Island in 2014 to study Language-Mandarin but after the completion of the program I decided to come back and continue my studies.

Omolara Elizabeth Okunlola Herrera

First of all I will like to start with why I choose Taiwan? I choose Taiwan because Taiwan education system has a very good reputation with advance technology that is way ahead of many countries in the world, with welcoming atmosphere and safe environment.

Monica Gongora

Ever since I came to Taiwan back in 2011, I have developed a special connection with this little island. I first came to pursue my studies in the health field (health and nursing administration) which has always been lifelong passion while in Belize.

Odelia Lu 盧秋燕

由於我的背景原為臨床醫務社會工作者,但我一心期許我將來能有機會投入國際公衛領域,國立陽明大學國際衛生學程, 是國內少數提供具有國際觀的公共衛生訓練的學程,因此我一直將學程視為我的第一志願。2015年時學程提供我機會參訪印尼亞齊省, 當時得知當地沒有臨床社會工作者,在醫療機構中更沒有社會工作者。

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