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Welcome to IHCRC...


The Integrative Health Care Research Center is a research team which is composed of scholars and experts of long-term care, public health, nursing, rehabilitation, and health informatics.

The aims of this research center include developing a set of local health care assessment instruments for long-term care demanders, such as older and disabled persons. The instruments are developed based on the MDS, which is a resident assessment instrument (RAI) developed by interRAI.

The instrument developed can be used to assess the target population together with the nursing and rehabilitation intervention models, and patients’ health condition, needs, quality of care, and health economic evaluation would be assessed by these tools.

According to the outcome, the research team of the center will set up an integrative health care plan. Meanwhile, the research center will build up the technical aspect of these instruments, the instruments would be electronicalized from paper works, which would enable standardized clinical practices and increase the feasibility of a holistic health care assessment instrument sets.





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