Research facility
The Institute is adequately equipped for research ranging from cytogenetics to molecular biology. Among the more sophisticated pieces are an automated cytogenetic system, a digitized microscopic fluorescence image processor, a robot processor, two Biometra Rotaphor pulsed-field gel electrophoresis units, Beckman ultracentrifuges, etc.. The Instrument Center on the next floor provides and manages many more shared pieces of equipment. Many of our facilty members are in charge of the core facilities of the University Genome Research Center (YMGC).

The Institute also enjoys a comprehensive Ethernet computer network (made up of a server and many personal computers, as well as Macintoshes) for communications as well as for sharing hardware and databases. This local network is connected to Internet with accesses to Tanet2 and Internet2.

Research grants and publications

Research in the Institute has been funded by grants from National Science Council, National Health Research Institute, Department of Health, National Agriculture Council, Development Center for Biotechnology, and private institutions.

Our faculty member publish regularly scientific findings in international renowned journals (see each member's page for details).

Program for Promoting Academic Excellence Universities (追求卓越計畫)

Most of our members are taking charge of this project. They include the field about genomics, bioinformatics, biopharmacology, genetics...etc. For more information about what are we doing, check this website.

Other research opportunities
Summer projects in the labs for undergraduate students are common. Many of these are sponsored by National Science Council, and require competitive applications. The Institute also attract medical doctors (particularly from Taipei Veteran General Hospital) to collaborate in medical genetic studies. Visiting scientists from aboard also come for short-term stays for specific projects.

Those who are interested in short-term research project or collaboration, please contact each individual member.

Research Seminars

During the semesters, a weekly seminar is held for M.S. students (on Wednesday at 1:30) and for Ph.D. students (on Thursday at 1:30). Seminars given by visitors are many and have no fixed time.