@Institute of Genetics, National Yang Ming University


Mingyuan Cheng, Associate Professor


Ph.D. Department of Genetics, Yale University

Telephone: (02) 2826-7045

Fax: (02)28206-4930

E-mail: mingch@ym.edu.tw



1. To study the function of yeast HTL1 gene and its relationship with chromatin remodeling complex (RSC complex)

2. In charge of Yeast Genetics core lab.


Teaching specialities


Research specialities:

Yeast genetics

Yeast two-hybrid system

Recent results:

Lin Y.R. Li C.C. & Cheng M. Identification of yeast HTL1 interacting genes: implication of the role of chromatin remodeling of HTL1. Manuscript in preparation.

Luh, Y.-M. Li C.C. Hsiao Y.S. & Cheng M. Isolation and characterization of yeast HTL1 gene that is required for yeat pet18 mutant to grow at high temperature. Manuscript in preparation.

Fang H. & Cheng M. Study of the C-terminus of the yeast Hsp60 protein in the formation of stable complex. Manuscript in preparation