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Food (...mmm... yummy ...)

Most of us are enjoying good food provided by our environment. Our neighborhood areas offer a wide variety of choices: beer houses and exotic foregn flavors in Tien-Mou, cheap local delicacy in Shih-Pai and Pei-Tou, fresh seafood in Tamsui, and 'wild vegetable', 'earth chicken', and other farm dishes in Yangmingshan National Park. (You guys at Academia Sinica, eat your heart out). A trip down to the market or food stands bring back a feast for the whole lab or a snack for two. But the real prize that everyone drool after is the lunches and snacks Ming's mother made for her. Aside from catching Ming in a generous mood, you may also wait for ...

The semi-annual pot luck parties

Two pot luck parties are held each year - a Christmas Party, and a Farewell Party in the late spring for the outgoing students. All the food, dessert, and beverage are brought by the attendants, and rare treats are frequently found. Traditionally, friends of the Institute are welcome to participate.

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