About Us

In order to achieve a diversified and scintillating environment for research and education, the importance of jointly appointed and adjunct faculty members has been realized from the beginning. Active attempts were made to recruit excellent scientists in other institutions on this island to be our joint members. Over the years a tradition has taken shape that every faculty member, regardless of her or his status, shares equal privileges and responsibilities in education. Students may conduct their thesis research in the lab of any faculty member, thus enjoying a wide spectrum of opportunities. Today we have altogether 39 faculty members, for a graduate student body of about 86.

a little bit of philosophy

We have a reputation of being tough. We realize that from the whining and grumbling of the students as they progress through the academic and research programs. There has been no attempts to give them the false sense that it is easy, when the outside competitions they face now and in the future are certainly not. Yet, while we uphold our high standards, we strive to establish and maintain a cozy and energetic atmosphere by keeping a relatively small body of students and charging it with intensive and stimulating human interactions. There are every needs to have all the fun you can along the way, and no need to suffer unnecessarily. The motto: 'It's hard, but it's fun'. Can't have both? Perhaps you are in the wrong business.

and lots of research

The themes of the research in the Institute may be classified into three general and overlapping fields: genetics, genomics, and evolution based on a wide variety of model systems including bacteria, fungi, mouse and human; molecular, cellular, and developmental biology based on Drosophila, Fungi, cancer, and the neural system; structural biology employing a wide range of modern technology including bioinformatics, microchips, x-ray crystallography, NMR, and computer modeling.