Fact File
Foundation Year I 2008
Location I Building of Education Center for Humanities and Social Sciences

The Education Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, part of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, was emerged in September 2008 from the original Center for General Education. The main task of our center is to offer general educational courses in the fields of humanities and social sciences, with the aim of nurturing and providing a balanced education for Yang-Ming University students, who major in bio-medicine.

Courses offered
Our center offers courses in language (Chinese, English, Japanese and German) and general education (politics, economics, sociology; history, philosophy, art and psychology). The aim is to cultivate students in the humanities and social sciences in order to give them greater adaptability in modern highly diverse social contexts. In addition, informal courses in English and extra-curricular art activities are available to give students a more varied learning environment.

Research areas
Teachers in our center enthusiastically pursue a wide range of research topics. Subjects include "enhancing college education in humanities and social sciences," "integrating humanities and technology courses," and "enhancing the teaching outcome of individual courses".

Our center has a comfortable and well-appointed environment, decorated with flowers and artwork, where teachers and students can freely converse. We also have classrooms specifically designed to serve the purposes of certain courses: for instance, a dance room, a lecture




Contact Details theater, a language lab, and a music classroom. All classrooms are equipped with computers and projectors. A wide range of books in the fields of humanities and social sciences are also available for the use of faculty and students.

Future expectations
In the future we hope to offer more high-quality courses and improve teaching and research. Our goal is to enable students to explore the wide world of knowledge from new and different points of view. It is hoped this will result in a greater appreciation of both the value of life and the various needs of people in the world around them.

Contact Detail
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+886-2-28267000 ext 5296 +886-2-28201674 cge@ym.edu.tw http://cge.ym.edu.tw/index/