The Institute of STS has been devoted to understanding and exploring the boundary areas where nature, culture, technoscience and society meet. Our faculty and students believe that the STS perspective is crucial to the understanding of major events of our time, and share two commitments in dealing with emerging issues in the modern technological society. Firstly, STS researchers have to recognize complex relation between technoscience and society as they evolve. It is imperative to be mindful of the social forces shaping sciences and technologies while they, in turn, have been shaping societies and their differing expectations. Secondly, apart from being experts in the field of STS studies, STS researchers should engage in the discussion of major public issues, and even in policy making.

Founded in 2008, the Institute attracts a stimulating variety of students from different academic backgrounds, ranging from sociology, Chinese literature, history, to life science. Taking advantage of its small size and high professor-to-student ratio, the Institute is immediately recognized by its solid theoretical training and strong educational commitment. It aims to train graduate students to be not only researchers, but activists in the promotion of STS.

Course Description
Our institute has identified three fields of research-technoscience society studies, technology studies, and social studies of medicine. It also develops a clear pedagogical frame consisting of two foundation courses-Introduction to STS, and Methodology and Practice in STS-and other courses of various levels which cover important STS topics in science, technology, and medicine.

Fact File
Foundation Year I 2008
Duration | 2 years full-time
Student Faculty Radio | 2.67:1
Location I Teaching Complex Building 2


Research Achievement
The Institute is the base of the Taiwanese Journal for Studies of Science, Technology and Medicine (STM), the pioneering journal devoted to STS studies in Taiwan, and its faculty members are also actively involved in the Taiwan-based international journal Science, Technology and Society: An InternationalJournal (EASTS), which links our Institute with other STS communities in East Asia and scholars around the world. Meanwhile, its faculty members publish in leading national and international journals, and have been awarded many National Science Council Awards as well as a range of science policy-related research grants.

Career Opportunities
Graduates are encouraged to further pursue their interests in STS, history and philosophy of science, and other interdisciplinary Ph.D programs, and careers in science journalism, (local) government, science education, environmentalism, and museum work. With our program, in-service students and those who have previous professional xperience are better trained to return to the workplace to engage in STS-related activities.

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