The Institute of Philosophy of Mind and Cognition at National Yang Ming University is dedicated to research and teaching in contemporary western analytical philosophy, with an emphasis on Philosophy of Mind. Research is performed with a unique orientation toward high quality, making the institute a premier location in the field within eastern Asia. So far, in a single year of existence, several publications in international journals of high reputation have been achieved. International academic exchange is given importance by inviting prominent philosophical scholars from abroad, attending international conferences and making cooperation agreements with renowned universities worldwide.


Fact File
Foundation Year I 2008
Duration I 2 years full-time
Student Faculty Ratio I 2.75
Location I University Teaching Complex
Building 2 Floor 2

Study abroad
Students are able to finish their master degree in our institute within two years. During that period, those students who wish to continue with doctoral studies abroad are prepared accordingly. PhD programs envisaged are typically in English-speaking countries, so students getthe chance in classroom discussions, when giving reports or writing papers to practice English language skills as well as open discussion style. Indeed, in the past all master students of a predecessor program were admitted to prestigious universities abroad.

Career opportunities
Career opportunities for masters in philosophy have been known to be very good. Besides a somewhat limited number of attractive teaching positions in this country and abroad, there is considerable interest among employers in the analytic skills and the ability of clear and concise presentations that philosophers from above-average institutes have to offer. Thus philosophy masters may stay in philosophy as researchers and teachers and work professionally as consultants in the public and private sectors in marketing and even in management. This institute strives for quality and reputation, enhancing future perspectives of our students.

Courses are offered for graduate students which provide
students with a solid knowledge base in analytical
philosophy, particularly, in Philosophy of Mind, cognition
2 studies, Philosophy of Science, epistemology, metaphysics and logic as well as mastering of philosophical techniques. Besides, historical works are taught, mainly those that are relevant for modern analytic philosophy. Classes are small, with typically 5 - 10 students each. An interactive approach is emphasized, in which students are encouraged to discuss and learn to defend clearly and concisely their philosophical points. Giving reports and writing brief papers are part of course work. The reputation of the teaching at our institute so far has led to a ratio of applicants to admitted students of more than 5:1, so that students of this institute have a quality edge within this country.
Contact Detail
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+886-2-28267000 ext 5041 +886-2-28232920 phil@ym.edu.tw http://www.ym.edu.tw/phil