1 The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is a new and ambitious School in National Yang-Ming University. It was established in the summer of 2007, the newest School in this University, and it intends to bridge Yang-Ming's primarily bio-medical education and researches with broader horizons and concerns in humanities and social sciences. Through this bridge, we hope Yang-Ming would expand from a bio-medical university to a full, all-around university.

With two years' efforts, especially by our founding dean Professor Houng Yu houng and the kind supports from the University President, our School currently has three academic/educational units: Institute of Science, Technology, and Society, Institute of Philosophy of Mind and Cognition, and Center of Humanities and Social Science. The first two currently are Master programs, and the third is a general education program, but all faculties in our School have duties in teaching general education courses for Yang-Ming's undergraduates. This is because our School is also in charge of the development Yang-Ming's general education, which primarily is a general humanities and social sciences education in a bio-medical university environment. In order to fulflll this mission and to build up a good bridge mentioned earlier, currently our School is constructing a third Institute: Institute for Studies in Arts and Cultures, which would also better involve our School, and University herself, into the fine cultures of such an internationally well known city like Taipei. This Institute is going to focus on the interdisciplinary researches of art history, visual culture, cultural history, sociology of culture, and culture studies in the modern age. Of special interest will be social issues in relation to these fields. There are two divisions: the division of studies in arts and the division of studies in cultures.3 In addition to the interdisciplinary studies, both of them are going to deal with the cross-cultural exchanges between the West, Taiwan, and China." 2


4 As Yang-Ming is relatively a small University geographically, currently the space and environment of our School is limited. But we enjoy the accompany of beautiful hills, flourishing trees, and not the least the awesome views of Taipei city. Being a top national University in Taiwan, needless to say, our School have adequate hard & soft-ware supports. Meanwhile, speaking of the advantages of a late-comer, we do not have the traditional burdens or baggages in many old Schools of humanities and social sciences in Taiwan. Thus our School enjoys more much freedom to build up conceptual bridges, to address social and historical issues in Taiwan or even East Asia, and also to explore and conceive new ideas and actions that typically characterize an ideal modern university.