The Institute of Biophotonics at Yang-Ming University  
The Institute of Biophotonics at National Yang-Ming University and the corresponding master program were established in the fall of 2002 as a partial effort in Taiwan to catch up the now fast evolving discipline of biophotonics. The institute is strongly supported by the vibrant academic environment in the University and vicinity, which form one of the best bio-medical research complexes in Taiwan and Asia. Prof. Yin Chang chaired the institute at its establishment until the fall of 2004. Prof. Fu-Jen Kao succeeded the chairmanship since then. Currently there are 40 students enrolled in the master program. The Ph.D. program is scheduled to start in the fall of 2006.  
The planning and focus of researches in this institute  
Our institute will move towards by combining the photoelectricity, electrical machinery, information, precision optical machinery, material and growing the technology which cure such fields as science and technology,etc. to study in basic living beings and respect of medical science at first, in order to can be in applying clinical medicine in future. It is that one is perspective and having a subject for research analogous to the degree of difficulty for example move the chip and plant into the retina, it includes photoelectricity, electron, information, preclinical medicine, grows the technology of curing with growing the merger that cures materials etc., the basic research of and this subject is gone on by cooperating with department of ophthalmology of general hospital of the veteran in Taibei by male genital's bright university. The focal points of our institute are detected and examined with the micro- change amount for the main fact for biological image, living beings at present, plan the domain combining talent of the orientation to foster for the main fact. And direction, focal point including each of studying analyze skill of one degree of microscopes, micron endure second instant living body biological image skill, research and development, artificial between research and development and microns of foundation, regulation and control of technology of sense organ, living beings of person who detect, the planning by having perspective, Hi-Tech to lead is as the focal point on the academic research. Only when the academic research plan is always stopped, but but the talent's cultivation can't be slightly idle on the first.