Courses of the Institute of Biophotonics

Course R/E Credits Instructor Notes
Seminar R 0 Biophotonics
Introduction to Molecular Cell Biology R 3 De-Ming Yang, Wolfgang B. Fischer, Yueh-Hsin Ping For Eng-background students
Introduction to Photonics Engineering R 3 Arthur Chiou
Applied Mathematics R 3 How-Foo Chen For Bio-background students
Biophotonics Technology Develpoment and Applications E 1 How-Foo Chen
Advanced Stem Cell Biology E 1 Oscar K. Lee
Medical Instrument Design E 3 Hui-Hua Chiang  
Geometric Optics and Physiological Optics E 3 Yin Chang
Applied Electronics (I) E 2 Yin Chang
Applied Electronics Laboratory (I) E 1 Yin Chang
Optical Microscopy for Living Cells E 3 Chau-Hwang Lee, Pei-Kuen Wei  
Applied Optics E 2 Fu-Jen Kao
The Technology of Molecular Cell Biology E 2 Jing-Jhih Cheng
Principle of Electromagnetic Radiation E 3 Tsu-Wei Nee
Quantum Physics E 2 Tsu-Wei Nee
Bioanalytical Chemistry in Microbiosensors E 2 Ji-Yen Cheng
Fundamentals and Recent Trends in Sensors E 2 Surojit Chattopadhyay  
An Exercise in Technical Reading and Writing E 3 Surojit Chattopadhyay  
Introduction to Biophysics E 2 Wolfgang B. Fischer  
Theoretical and Computational Biophysics E 1 Wolfgang B. Fischer  
Electrophysiology E 2 Ru-Chi Shieh

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