Chin-hsiang Chien

PhD. Biochemistry, National Taiwan University


  1. Study of tumor supressor Fhit associated protein
    Characterization of Fhit associated protein by yeast-two hybrid, proteomics, confocal  microscope and PET. 
    Application of Fhit associated protein in nude mice as a potential gene for gene therapy.

  2. Growth control, signal transduction and gene therapy of human ovarian cancers
    Cloning of estrogen induced cancer gene by microarray analysis. 
    Signal transduction pathway of TGF induced growth arrest gene of human ovarian cancer. 

  3. Cloning, expression, and structure- functional analysis of sialidase (nanH) 
    Cloning , sequencing and structure analysis of porcine lysosomal sialidase. 
    Application of sialidase gene to study cell-cell adhesions and cancer metastasis.


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