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Tour Taiwan Years 2008-2009

The Best Time to Visit Our Lovely Island!

During 2008-2009, officially names the "Tour Taiwan Years", there will be a wide range of exiting events and activities international visitors to Taiwan can take part in to learn about local culture and customs, nature and scenery, sports and leisure, and much more.

The followings are useful websites provided all the infromation you need to travel around Taiwan. is the main Taiwan tourism website of the Ministry of Transportation & Communications.

A dynamic culture, delicious cuisine, and scenic beauty come together to make Taiwan one of Asia's must-experience destinations. is the premier gateway to the many attractions of Taiwan, with plenty of information to help visitors plan and get the most out of their trip.
  Taiwan, as said, is far from being an expensive place to visit. In fact, accommodation, transportation, food, and other traveler necessities are all very affordable. And a special offer available from October 1, 2007 through June 30, 2008 now makes visiting Taiwan even more affordable. At only US$79 (or US$119) per night you can stay (for a maximum of two nights) at a selected quality hotel in Taipei, with complimentary breakfast. This is a great option for a glimpse of this amazing city during short stopover visits to Taipei. For more on where you can stay, where you can book your room , and where you can go during your stay, visit
Taiwan Biz Tour
  A large percentage of visitors to Taiwan come to make business or to attend conferences and trade shows. Staying in Taiwan for a few days and leaving without having seen much else than hotel, restaurant, and meeting venue would be doing injustice to the many tourist attractions around the island. In order to make it easier for conference attendees or businesspeople to tour Taiwan after or during the conferences, the Taipei External Travel Development Council now promotes a series of tours of in and around Taipei. These tours under the nameˇ¨Taiwan Biz Tourˇ¨ present a great opportunity for trade show participants to get to know the vibrant city of Taipei.

For more information on these tours, visit
Taiwan Tour Bus
  In order to create a visitor friendly environment, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau has been carrying out the "Taiwan Tour Bus" service in cooperation with local tour operators. The various tour routes offered under this service are unified by a common commitment to high quality, standard operating procedures and unified brand image. Through the service, domestic travelers and foreign visitors alike can experience convenient transportation, regular itinerary and friendly tour guides, with hotel and airport pick-up to many renowned tourist destinations. ˇ@ˇ@

The Taiwan Tour Bus service currently comprises 30 half-day and one-day tours to visitor hot spots throughout Taiwan. Each of those popular itineraries has an all-in-one ticket that includes the transportation, tour guide service, and insurance coverage. Freed of the hassle of planning and driving, you can relax, enjoy the scenery and truly discover why Taiwan is known as the beautiful island.