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Poster Contest

Poster Contest Winner Announcement

We are thrilled to announce the prize winner of the ASSC12 Poster Contest.
The winning poster was selected from nearly 60 submissions created by people from around the world, who responded to the opportunity to help promote consciousness studies through their designs.

We were overwhelmed by the amazing response to our contest and would like to thank everyone who participated. There were plenty of worthy entries in our contest, but only one gets the big prize.

Now to the winner...
We are pleased to present the winner of the ASSC12 Poster Contest-- Juliane Wilcke, University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Ms. Juliane Wilcke will receive a 500 USD prize, and her poster will be sent to universities and departments around the globe as the official ASSC12 poster.

We would like to congratulate Juliane and thank all submitters for their enthusiasm and participation!

ASSC12 Local Organizing Committee


Design Concept

The poster design highlights the interdisciplinary nature of consciousness studies (biased by well-known instances and the effectiveness of display).
How many minds can you read? Here are some suggested solutions:

(1) Conscious robots, functionalism, and the computer metaphor of the mind (shown is a motherboard).
(2) William James (1890) and introspection.
(3) Brain imaging in general and local versus global/hierarchical models of consciousness in particular (shown is a white matter tract connecting areas active during binocular rivalry switches).
(4) Animal consciousness, or what is it like to be a bat? (Nagel, 1974)
(5) The Chinese Room (Searle, 1980), homunculi, and maybe also the spotlight metaphor.
(6) The mind's I, and Rubin's (1915) vase as a sample stimulus for studying consciousness in behavioural experiments and brain imaging.
(7) Qualia, or what Mary (Jackson, 1982) might see (or smell) if she left her black and white room in Taipei, the city of azaleas.