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National Park | Scenery
Photos provided by the Tourism Bureau, Taiwan.

National Parks


Taroko Gorge is exceptionally beautiful. Narrow ravine created by a river which has cut deep into the mountains of solid marble. A road carved into sheer walls of rock snakes its way past forested peaks and cliffs towering thousands of feet above it, while hundreds of feet below a river roars past gigantic marble boulders. Here and there, pavilions, pagodas, and temples cling to mist-clad mountainside; elsewhere, waterfalls gush from crevices in the steep cliffs.



Yushan National Park

Yushan is the centerpiece of the Yushan National Park . The park encompasses a variety of habitats ranging from broadleaf forest at lower altitudes to mixed forest, coniferous forest, bamboo, and finally, at the highest elevations, waist-high arrow bamboo, clumps of conifers, and bare rocky outcrops. Flowers include azaleas, which abound in spring, and a wide variety of colorful alpine blossoms. The park is home to a large variety of reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals, and butterflies. In the past, many of these species became endangered due to over-hunting; but with the establishment of the Yushan National Park , they are gradually making a comeback. Larger mammals such as the black bear, sambar deer, Taiwan macaque, and serows (a type of goat antelope) can sometimes be seen, and their call is often heard.



Kenting National Park

Kenting National Park is the only tropical national park in Taiwan . It includes large stretches of agricultural land's providing visitors with a view of typical Taiwanese rural life. In addition, the national park includes mountains, forests, pasture, lakes, sand dunes, beaches, and coral reefs imply everything you could desire when you want to get up front and personal with Mother Nature.




Alishan is famous throughout Taiwan as one of the island's most popular tourist destinations, thanks to its abundance of natural beauty. To get there you can take a narrow-gage mountain railway, enjoying endless riches of geological and plant-life scenery along the way. The sunrise, sea of clouds, sunset, forest, and mountain railway are known as the "five wonders of Alishan," and the culture of the Tsou aborigines adds yet another dimension to the attractions of this area.


Green Island

A short distance offshore from Taitung, Green Island is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs that make it a snorkelers' paradise. On the island itself, most of the scenic spots are linked by the 16.3-kilometer round-the-is-land concrete highway. These include the Green Island Lighthouse, Green Island Park , General Rock, Gateway Rock, Guanyin Cave , Youzih Lake , Pekinese Dog Rocks, Sleeping Beauty Rock, Sail Cape , Black Ghost Cave , and the rare Jhaorih Saltwater hot spring. Bathing in the spring under the stars at night is especially popular with visitors.