Our Services

  1. Produces the annual budget for review, allocates budget according to the statutory budget amount, produces tables of projects at all stages and estimates of revenues and expenses, applies for and controls back budgets.
  2. Review and control school affair fund.
  3. Review and control of research projects commissioned by government agencies and private sectors, subsidies and donations.
  4. Review and control of advance collections and payments and funds in custody.
  5. Receipt printing, claim control, account cancellation and custody.
  6. Printing of accounting vouchers, collating and binding of original vouchers and accounting vouchers.
  7. Produces account books, monthly reports, half-yearly closing reports and final accounting.
  8. Circulation and retention of funds after final accounting.
  9. Approves accounting personnel applications.
  10. Maintenance and update of accounting information system and accounting office website.
  11. Capital dispatch for time deposits.
  12. Audit of cashier and accounting affairs.
  13. Supervision and audit of tendering, comparison, negotiation of procurement projects with an amount over $100,000.
  14. Supervision of property inventory (sample inspections).
  15. Joint operation of internal control optimization projects and the application for account audit and review to the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Ministry of Audit and Ministry of Education.