Application Timetable for Fall 2008

International Admission for Spring 2008

Application Procedures for International Student - Fall Semester 2008
Application Procedures for International Student - Word Version
外籍學生入學申請簡章(正體中文) - Word格式
Programs for International Students
Institute of Microbiology and Immunology
Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Institute of Traditional Medicine
Institute of Health and Welfare Policy
Department of Dentistry
Institute of Oral Biology
Department of Physical Therapy and Assistive Technology
Institute of Biomedical Informatics
Institute of Biophotonics
Institute of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine
Department and Institute of Nursing
Institute of Brain Science
Institute of Science, Technology, and Society
Institute of Public Health  (International Health Program)
Department of Medicine
Department of Dentistry
Department of Physical Therapyand Assistive Technology
ICDF Scholarship
Taiwan Scholarship   (application period 2/1-3/31)
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