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  Research Resources

Instrumentation Resource Center

The major work of the Instrumentation Resource Center is to help improving research standards at Yang Ming and to develop the optimal functioning of the facilities. Our task is to purchase high-priced and precision equipment for necessary general use by the University. Through central management and high-quality maintenance, the equipment is available for the use of all students and faculty in order to maximize the benefits of these resources and to save public funds and promote efficiency.

There are three public instrument rooms under the management of the center, offering over 60 pieces of equipment. For the convenience of the students and the faculty, the equipment is split between facilities at the top level, the middle level and bottom level of the campus. In addition to regular and continuous servicing, most of our work involves a highly mobile service. Thereby, we are glad to offer a wide range of help to students and faculty allowing them to conduct their experiments smoothly. We also sponsor various seminars on a non-regular basis. At these, manufacturers demonstrate the procedures needed to operate certain equipment and through this, students and faculty have a better knowledge of using the equipment and will be able to enhance their experiment techniques.

Laboratory Animal Center

The Laboratory Animal Center was founded in 1984 and has an area of 735 ping. Equipped with high standard facilities, we offer the students and faculty a high quality animal testing environment as well as a high quality animal feeding service. Furthermore, we offer lectures in technology related animal experiments and assist related animal research. We also provide information on animal experimentation and conduct research on the technology and applications of animal experiments. In addition to the Chair, veterinarians and other personnel, we have an Animal Management Committee that monitors the management of animal experiments in our school, and assist our center by discussing the problems of animal supply and breeding.

The Center is operated by four administrative groups made up of breeding, feeding, R&D and operation. The group leaders check whether work is executed and finished correctly on a regular basis. In addition, we meet weekly to review the status of the system and there are regular product/marketing meetings to review the breeding, marketing and the feeding of animals.

Core Equipment at National Yang-Ming University-VGH Genome Research Center

Based at the Sequencing Core of the VGH-NYMU research team, the National Yang-Ming University-VGH Genome Research Center was the first of its kind in Taiwan. With specialized and precision equipment, we founded a core lab to engage in R&D and to improve studying gene technology. With this know-how, we offer support to all research centers and institutes at Yang Ming and related industrial units involved in the development of biomedicine by providing them with the research findings t hey need. Meanwhile, we endeavor to win resources from the government and private sector, collaborated on technology transfer and promote biotechnological business in Taiwan. In addition, special precision equipment in the core lab is used to support the Genome Project Researchers Training Program.

Services and facilities at the National Yang-Ming University-VGH Genome Research Center include the C1 Sequencing Center, C2 Gene Expression Analysis Center, C3 Bioinformatics Center, L1 Genotyping Laboratory, L3 Molecular Pathology Laboratory, L4 Mouse Genetics Laboratory, L5 Monoclonal Antibody & Phage Display Laboratory, L6 Yeast Genetics Laboratory, L11 Drosophila Genetics Laboratory and L12 Zebrafish Genetics Laboratory; and Functional Genomics.

Using our current resources, we collaborate with Taipei Veterans General Hospital in a vast range of research on clinical material and information for basic medical science. Targeting the special genetic background and diseases of the population in Taiwan, we have developed an integrated plan to study these problems. Through international cooperation, we would like to grasp the current development trends in related technology and demonstrate our competitive advantages in the construction of a complete framework for genomic research.

National Research Program for Genomic Medicine: Sequencing Core Facilities

The core facilities satisfy all the requirements for the National Research Program of Genomic Medicine. It is founded with support from other core labs, such as the Bioinformatics Center, Genotyping Laboratory, Molecular Pathology Laboratory, Mouse Genetic Laboratory, Drosophila Genetics Laboratory and Yeast Genetic Laboratory.

The sequencing core facilities possess large scale genetic sequencing technology, equipment and experience. In the future, we are going to expand our scale to become an institution providing national standard genomic sequencing core facilities offering services to national research genomic research projects and other scientific research in Taiwan. In recent years, our capacity for genomic sequencing has ranged from 3,000 to 6,000 sequencing reaction samples per day. In addition to genomic sequencing projects, we also offer large scale services in areas such as cDNA projects, ESTs and SAGE.

National Research Project for Genomic Medicine: the National Microarray & Gene Expression Analysis Core Facilities

After finishing the sequencing part of the human genomic project, life science has entered an unprecedented era. With the rise in microarray and high-throughout screening technology, these areas have become the main trends in the discipline. Since 2000, we have constructed a professional platform for studies using cDNA microarrays, oligo-microarrays, real-time quantitative PCR, SAGE and high throughput cloning using the facilities of the microarray gene expression lab and gene expression core analysis. In addition, we have vertically integrated upper-stream and lower-stream technology, offering new solution strategies to problems at different levels. In addition to technology, the core genomic research facility has accumulated many valuable research resources such as full length cDNA libraries, a real-time PCR primer collection, etc. Likewise, we can assist academic and biotechnological circles to use the latest technology at minimum cost.

In 2003, we took over the mission of the "National Research of Genomic Medicine: the National Microarray & Gene Expression Analysis Core Lab," allowing us to contribute to the wider academic and biotechnological circles in Taiwan through core capacities we have accumulated over the past years.

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