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  Guidance Student Activities

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides the students with a comfortable space in which they can explore their mind. With the aid of professional counselors who provide one-to-one counseling, group counseling and aptitude testing to students, we emphasize both personal growth and improvement. The center aims to help students to study and to adjust to their new lives at Yang-Ming by understanding themselves better. This will allow them to make a better career plan for their future.

Security Office

There are security councilors in each department that help students to handle a range of affairs. Additionally, each dormitory has a security officer to take care of the student affairs. Moreover, the security office visits students which are living outside the Yang-Ming Campus once a month to ensure their safety and help them handle any emergency situations. Students are encouraged to share their experiences or inform other students about any useful updated precautions at a security training class. The aim of the security officers helps to educate the personalities of students and thus enhance their common sense.

Mentor System

Since the founding of our school, a mentor system has been put in practice. Interacting closely with the students, the mentors are friends as well as teachers. When freshmen enter Yang-Ming, a mentor is assigned to a group of between 10 to 15 students. They help the students to solve both academic and everyday problems. During the mentor?brvbar;s hours, the students are able to discuss a wide range of things with the mentor. Mentors may even arrange a picnic, a party or a special visit as a group to promote mentor-student relations.

Clinical Mentor System

In order to promote the relationship between students and clinical professors, enthusiastic clinical professors are encouraged to become clinical mentors. Each mentor gives guidance to five students in the areas of academic studies, everyday life and career planning. Through group discussions or one-to-one interview, the mentors share their experiences with the students in order to maximize the effect of teaching and learning.

Scholarships and Financial Aids

We offer about 200 different kinds of scholarships and financial assistance to students. In addition, we also help students from mid or low income families to apply for tuition fee loans from banks at a low-interest rate in order to help them finish their studies. As the students become more financially independent, they are also able to help with their families?brvbar; expenditure. Each year, we have a scholarship and financial aid special budget, which is disbursed to students monthly. Research financial aid is given to first, second and third year PhD students as well as first and second year master students to help them concentrating on their research.

Extracurricular Activities

Through self-motivated extracurricular activities, the students are able to cultivate their self-learning skills. By participating in such activities, the students are able to learn special skills, acquire hobbies, develop interpersonal skills, practice communication techniques, create team spirit, learn humanistic concerns, develop organization abilities and practice leadership. By accepting challenges from real problems, the students can learn to find solutions themselves. It is very important for the students to cultivate their own personalities and knowledge so that they can develop and enjoy a diverse learning space.

At present, there are 42 societies at Yang Ming and these can be categorized in seven types: academic societies, services, recreational societies, musical societies, religious societies and sports societies. They often sponsor various kinds of activities, such as community service events, mountaineering, art exhibitions, bird watching, drama, musical performances, etc. The community service groups are most active during the summer and winter vacations, over 500 students travel to the remote areas or the offshore islands to offer special services. The musical societies tour Taiwan and give performances at many different hospitals. These are the community based characteristics of Yang Ming?brvbar;s societies and we are very proud of them. They are not only exciting extracurricular activities but also demonstrate the colorful lives of students at Yang Ming.

Sports Activities

Each year, we sponsor a school sports day (track, field and swimming competitions), and championship contests in basketball, volleyball, badminton, football, table tennis, and tennis. In addition, we also provide special training to the school sports teams to help them participate in various intercollegiate tournaments. Meanwhile, our sports facilities are available to all faculty, students and staff for recreational purposes. Furthermore, to serve the whole community, the swimming pool and tennis courts are open to the public.

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